How to cure Diabetes with Ayurvedic herbs

How to cure Diabetes with Ayurvedic herbs
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Diabetes is a metabolic disease caused by an excess of sugar in the human blood. If there is a disturbance in our lifestyle and eating habits for a long time, then the functioning inside our body also starts getting disturbed. Blood is an important fluid in the body that reaches all parts of the body. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin in the body, which helps to store the sugar present in the blood and use it as energy. As long as the pancreas normally produces insulin, the blood sugar level remains high. But when the pancreas reduces or stops producing insulin, there is an excess of glucose in the body, which increases the level of sugar in the blood. You become diabetic because of high blood sugar.

Main causes of diabetes
Stress and uncontrolled lifestyle promote the disease of diabetes. The main cause of this disease is believed to be the disturbance of insulin hormone. Diabetes damages the vital organs of the human body such as the kidneys, eyes, ears, heart and brain.

1. Lack of exercise
2. Mental stress
3. Obesity
4. Excessive intakes of sugar and refined carbohydrates
5. by hereditary factors

Symptoms of Diabetes

Different symptoms of diabetes can be self-recognized by the patient

1 Feeling tired and weak
2 Leg numbness
3 Excessive thirst
4 Blurry eyes
5 Always feeling hungry
6 Sudden weight gain or loss
7 Skin infection
8 Wound healing time
9 Frequent urination or more volumes

Types of diabetes
Diabetes can be classified into two types

Type 1 Diabetes – Type 1 diabetes is genetic, meaning when one of the parents or grandparents in the family has had diabetes, then the person is more likely to develop diabetes.
The problem of diabetes type 1 can be seen in a child from birth or its symptoms can arise in the child even at an early age. In such a situation, insulin is not made in the body, this happens because due to hereditary reasons, insulin production in the pancreas stops. It is an autoimmune disorder, in which some cells of their own body, treat other cells as enemies, attacking and destroying them, leading to an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood.

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes type 2 is caused due to wrong eating habits and uncontrolled lifestyle. The risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases due to lack of exercise, being overweight, not sleeping on time, intoxication, mental stress etc. Due to less insulin, the cells present in the blood become less sensitive to this hormone, due to which the amount of sugar in the blood starts increasing and the person becomes a patient of type 2 diabetes.

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes
There are many such herbs in the lap of nature which make our life and health better.
Humans have been using these herbs since ancient times. There are many herbs that can be used to control diseases like diabetes. Some of these are as follows –

Gurmar – Gurmar means “Sugar Destroyer”. Its leaves and extracts contain Gymnemic acid, which reduces the desire to eat sweets, besides this herb helps in preventing the absorption of sugar, its use works to control diabetes.
Neem – Neem is considered a part of Ayurvedic medicine. Neem leaf extract significantly lowers blood glucose levels and prevents adrenaline as well as glucose-induced hyperglycaemia.
Jamun – Jamun seeds contain Jambolin and Jambosin, which are potent in nature and have medicinal properties. They reduce sugar levels and promote insulin production, both of which are important for controlling diabetes.
Chirayta – The exceptional hypoglycaemic properties of salicylic play an important role in calming the blood sugar levels in the body. The use of salicylic activates the production of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells. It helps in reducing the breakdown of starch into glucose which in turn leads to low blood sugar levels and ultimately helps in the management of diabetes.
Punarnavamool – Punarnava has many medicinal properties which work to improve the secretion of insulin. The excellent hypoglycaemic property of Punarnava is extremely beneficial in controlling the blood sugar levels of the body.
Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha extract is considered extremely beneficial for controlling diabetes. According to Ayurveda experts, Ashwagandha helps diabetics by affecting insulin production and insulin sensitivity. Ashwagandha extract stimulates the secretion of insulin in the bloodstream and lowers blood sugar levels.
Bitter gourd – Bitter gourd is known for its medicinal benefits since ancient times. It has antidiabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammation, antivirus and cholesterol-lowering effects. Diabetic patients should include bitter gourd in their daily diet. It contains properties to lower blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
Giloy – Known for its immunity building properties, Giloy is extremely beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes. Giloy improves metabolism by working on digestion. It also improves absorption. Both these functions, when performed smoothly by our body, lead to better regulation of blood sugar levels. In addition, giloy has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it can also help with diseases related to diabetes such as wound healing and kidney function.
Apart from this, there are many other herbs, such as – Kutki, Jatamansi, Chitrakamool, Shatavari etc. which are used in the treatment of diabetes.

Collecting all the herbs and using them in the right quantity is not possible for everyone, for this you can use Shamdhu Amrit Ras and Capsules made from 15 powerful herbs. Shamdhu Amrit Ras and Capsules are mainly prepared by mixing a right amount of the same powerful herbs which help in controlling diabetes. Its regular use controls the level of sugar in the blood. It reduces the desire to eat sweets.

Conclusion – Diabetes is a dangerous disease, but it can be got rid of by adopting the right lifestyle and with the right treatment.

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