Shahi Jeevan Prash



Shahi Jeevan Prash is an Ayurvedic formulation that boosts the immune system and protects the body from infections. It is a herbal remedy for boosting immunity and treating a range of infections such as cold and cough. The antioxidant rich Ayurvedic health supplement is formulated by processing around 35 medicinal herbs.

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Ayurvedic Medicine Company in India

Shahi Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is an Ayurvedic medicine company in India. Except Ayurvedic medicines Shahi Laboratories also do the marketing of Unani medicines, Food & Cosmetic Products.

Starting with 6 products in 2014 SL Healthcare got registered in January 2015 by the name of Shahi Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. In present Company is serving people with more then 300 products. Most of the products that marketed by Shahi Laboratories, manufactured by Shahi Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. Both the companies have same directors. They work manufacturer and marketer as well. In Shahi we always try to provide authentic, reliable and effective medicines. We believe not to compromise with the life of human being. After a deep research and laboratory test we launch a product. The best thing of these products is that they are based on herb’s extract. Herb’s extract is more powerful rather than the whole blend of herb. We always take care about the quality of the product. After thinking of all aspect of the effectiveness and affordability of people we launch our products.

We are regularly getting very good reviews from the market. Customers loving our products because they are getting benefits from these medicines. Customers also like our food products  as they love the taste and quality of these products.

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In recent time Ayurvedic products have become popular all around the world. May be people have realized the real worth of Ayurveda. You need to check details about products carefully to have the results in your favour.