Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicines provide a healthy-lifestyle system that people in India have used for more than five thousand years. Ayurveda bring attention to good health and prevention and treatment of illness. It works through lifestyle practices and the use of herbal remedies.

Sanskrit word “Ayurveda” is made from the two words ‘Ayur’ + ‘Veda’. Ayur means Life and Veda means Science. Therefore, Ayurveda teaches the science and art to live a healthy and quality life.

Ayurveda has greatly analyzed natural methods for improving the wellness of the body and mind. It continues to develop as it responds to the discovery of new diseases.

The main principle of Ayurveda says that the mind and body are connected. According to Ayurveda mind has the power to heal and transform a person’s whole being.

Need of Ayurvedic Medicine

Basically our body is made with five components thats are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and earth. There are three things that should be in balance for a healthy and disease free body. Vata, Pitta and Kapha these three has their own importance to make us healthy. Aurvedic medicine helps to balance them and makes our body diseases free.
Everyone should include Ayurveda in his daily life even if it is in the form of home remedies or medicines. Ayurvedic treatment has a slow process but it has no side effects. Anyone can use Ayurvedic treatment on regular basis. It works on the root of disease and helpful to cure disease completely.

Propagation of Ayurvedic medicine – our efforts

Shahi Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. also brought such products those are very useful in several diseases and also boost immunity. These products work naturally on human body and do not have any side effects.

We presents a range of more than 300 products. Those will work in various type of disease. Like we have Hair care, Digestive care, Diabetic care, weight Management, Thyroid care, Liver care, Women’s health, Men’s health, Immunity booster, Stamina booster and more.   

Our Amyu O Rin syrup works in low hemoglobin, Regular use of Amyu O Rin helps to maintain the level of hemoglobin. Our product Rakat Pure is a good blood purifier and it works naturally. As a Uterine tonic we have Nari Sudha Amrit that is helpful in Likoria and menstrual disorders. Heebo Liv and Heebo Liv – DS works on Liver and increase the digestion and keep the Liver healthy. Amrit Kuf syrup is helpful to control cough even it is dry or wet. Udarshakti and Gaso Cure are also very good for digestion. Calcium suspension and Multivitamin Syrup are also available. 

Our aim is to go ahead with the support and satisfaction of our customers. We will always try to provide good quality herbal products on affordable price.

If you want to get good and side effects free result, then you should try Ayurvedic medicines. Nowadays it’s very easy to get