User Agreement

This particular User Agreement dated —– contains all important rules and regulations for smoothing up the transactions between the company and the dealers/ customers/ agents. The privacy policy is created and written in compliance with Information Technology Act 2000. As per the new modifications under the Rule 3 (1) of Information Technology Intermediaries Guidelines Rules 2011, the transparency should be maintained for safe dealing. The agreement does not put emphasis on the requirement of either digital or manual/hand written signature. By getting access to, you are believed to be agreed to abide by all essential terms and conditions reflected on the web page of this e-commerce website. If you are not agreed, quit or exit the site immediately without copying anything from the site.

Guidelines of Using Personal Data/ Information

This site is legally possessed and owned by Shahi Laboratories. Therefore , we are responsible to protect all data shared by you during navigation online. We respect your personal details and therefore we use the hi-tech digital anti-spamming tools and data protecting software to ensure your safety. As being a customer, you need to cross check our agreement( terms and conditions) to steer clear of any misconception and misunderstanding.

Overview of Services

While completing digital registration process on the main website owned by us, we prefer to collect the essential personal details from the candidates. For instance, we want you to share your name (good name and surname) , email address, reliable active mobile phone number, and street address for easy communication. We also require you to provide your demographic details like gender, age and particular occupation to earn livelihood etc. If you are under 18 years of age , you have to visit our site under the supervision of your guardians.

Guidelines about Website Accessibility

Our guidelines regarding website access are strict for data protection and safety. Visitors are not allowed to copy any data/account details/ and transaction details of other customers using the powerful hacking tools. It is strictly prohibited. You must not use any robotic software for stealing any information which is valuable to the company. We do not permit you to resell our products and share data illegally without the permission from our management. Do not use our custom logo or brand for personal benefits.

Account and Registration Formalities

All customers are compelled to give us authentic personal details during online registration for trouble free transaction and communication. You have to update your personal account after registration for safety. After being registered, the customers are eligible to have our newsletters and updates. However, if not satisfied, they are able to unsubscribe our site informing us in this connection.

Your regularity in usage of our services or doing continued communication with us after necessary changes to the privacy policy web page on the site is taken as a legal consent which must constitute your acceptance of our updated privacy policy.


Prices mentioned on the products are unchanged. Products are sold at MRP only. If there is any promo code, prices are subject to changes before delivery, otherwise, prices of the products are not modified or changed at the request of the customers.

Formalities about Cancellation by Website / Customer

During cut-off time, you can cancel your orders by sending message to the customer care officers of the website. You can call us for order cancellation before dispatching. However, the orders are not cancelled after the dispatching of the product from the site. If any pilferage, fraudulence and illegal transaction is tracked by our representatives, the orders will be rejected or cancelled without informing customers.

Return Policy

Our company does not exchange the products which are already delivered by us. However, in the case of prominent damage to the products shipped by us, we are liable to get back the defective products from the customers. Please provide purchase receipt number and other details to our representatives after the usual consultation with our redressal forum/customer care unit online.

You Agree and Confirm

  1. In the event of mistake done from your side in the matter of giving wrong personal details (name/street address/contact information), we are not responsible if there is delay to deliver the product ordered by you. In that case, nominal extra service charge can be taken due to extra cost to ship products.
  2. That you are liable to use our services offered by the site, its consultants and website and contracted agents are not distorted for personal profits. You should not violate applicable laws and regulations while doing transactions on our website.
  3. In the case of providing wrong information, we will cancel your registration at any point of time.
  4. Addresses mentioned by you must be correct for perfect delivery.

Product Color Identification

We try hard to show the original colors of the products on the site. However, the color change of the product depends on the type of monitor or android phone you are using. So, color can be slightly different depending on the monitor screen you are watching. To solve any problem, you can contact customer care officers to have solution instantly.

Modification of Terms & Conditions of Service/ User Agreement

In the case of any modification in our existing policy, terms and conditions of the user agreement, we are not compelled to update you. Check our site to go through our modified terms and rules changed by us. If you are not agreed with our modified user agreement rules/terms, you can cancel your membership. However, if you are a returning customer with tendency to visit our site frequently and regularly, we must ask for your views and feedback to modify the terms/user agreement policy.

Governing Law and jurisdiction

Any dispute is settled at the court in accordance with the modified laws of India. For settling any dispute, difference, and misconception, we invite customers to sit for discussion under the direct supervision of the legal experts. We appoint the legal arbitrator for final decision in compliance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.


As being a legal merchant, we do not hold the liability in the case of any damage or loss of the product due to your mistake either directly or indirectly.