Unani System of Medicine - Introduction

Like Ayurvedic system of medicine, Unani system of medicine is also going on since ancient times. The origin of Unani medicine is considered to be Greek. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates is considered the first physician of this system of medicine. Nestorian Greeks brought Greek civilization to Arabia at the end of the fifth century. The system of Unani medicine was developed by the Arabs and it became popular as the Arab system of medicine. The Unani system of medicine is also known as Islamic medicine.

Unani medicine in India

The credit for bringing the Unani system of medicine to India is given to the Muslim rule. The Unani system of medicine was widely promoted during Muslim rule. The practitioner of this method is called Hakim.

The Unani physicians settled in India have added new medicines to this system and hence the Unani system prevalent in India is somewhat different from the original Greek form.

Process of Unani treatment

In Unani system of medicine, the disease is considered a natural process. Hakim diagnoses and treats the disease on the basis of the symptoms seen in the patient. Hakims try to make the body healthy by filling the deficiencies in the body with natural remedies.

Naturopathy is not only a system of treatment but a way of life. It is often referred to as a drugless treatment of diseases. Naturopathy is based on the ancient practice of simple laws of nature. This system is closely related to Ayurveda as far as the fundamentals are concerned.

Health depends on the state of balance between the various internal factors that govern the operation of the body and mind. Balance is achieved only when man lives in harmony with his external environment.

Ajmal Khan, who was born in India in 1864, is generally acknowledged as the most important contributor to Unani medicine in India.

Hippocrates’ four-humors theory basically states that the human body is made up of four substances. According to the principle of four humors, the substances that make up the body are black bile, yellow bile, blood and phlegm. People need to keep these four components in balance to stay healthy. These can be associated with the four seasons of the year: yellow bile with summer, black bile with autumn, phlegm with winter, and blood with spring. Health is a harmonious combination of each quality with its appropriate opposite and disease is caused by excess or deficiency; For example, excess heat causes fever, excess cold causes cold, if the balance of these components is disturbed then diseases start to arise in the body.

Propagation of Unani system of medicine – our efforts

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One can take Ayurvedic or Unani medicines to get rid of diseases. Both methods are safe and have no side effects.